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Iveria currently have one CD, available for purchase, Songs from the Republic of Georgia.

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1.Lechkhmuri Makruli 2:01
2.Kviria 2:56
3.Tsmindao Ghmerto/Saukunod 5:40
4.Mival Guriashi (Choral) 2:30
5.Satrpialo 1:39
6.Tshhenosnuri 1:43
7.Shen Khar Venakhi 2:11
8.Romelni Kerubinta 3:49
9.Motsikulno Tsmindano 2:13
10.Chven Mshvidoba 3:54
11.Gaprindi Shavo Mertskhalo 5:39
12.Tsintsqaro 3:32
13.Chela 3:41
14.Meureme 1:48
15.Kartvelo Kheli Khmals Ikar! 1:20
16.Mival Guriashi (Trio) 2:14
Songs from the Republic of Georgia (2000)
$12.00 (plus shipping)

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